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Dr. Ronald Chin’s Head and Neck System Review

Dr. Ronald Chin’s Head and Neck System Review

A patient’s medical history helps you form a preliminary diagnosis. The patient’s complaints are important factors to consider. To confirm or correct your initial diagnosis, a physical examination and further investigations are necessary.

The Head and Neck System Review focuses on symptoms related to specific areas. For the ears, check for symptoms such as Otalgia, Otorrhoea, Hearing loss, Vertigo, Tinnitus, and Fullness are considered. In the case of the nose, symptoms like Obstruction, Rhinorrhoea, Epistaxis, Anosmia, Facial Pressure, and Post-Nasal Drip are to be considered.

Throat-related symptoms should include Pain, Dysphagia, and Odynophagia. In the larynx, symptoms like Hoarseness, Stridor, Dyspnoea, and Odynophonia should be examined. The neck should be checked for Lymphadenopathy, Mass, and Pain. Lastly, you should check for facial drooping as well.

Glue ear, after draining the ear drum

Glue ear, intact ear drum

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