Examination of the Nose by Dr Ronald Chin Family ENT

Dr. Ronald Chin’s Take on the Examination of the Nose

Dr. Ronald Chin’s Take on the Examination of the Nose

So first, we’ll check the shape of the nose to see if there is any septal deviation or if the nostrils are symmetrical. We also check the skin on the nose for any abnormalities or signs of trauma.

Next, we block one nostril at a time and observe if breathing is silent through the other side to assess airway patency. Ideally, breathing should be quiet and effortless at rest.

You should also look for Alar Collapse while you’re at it. We can test this by placing a cold, shiny surface (like a metal tongue depressor) under the nose and seeing if condensation forms during breathing out.

Next, we examine the nasal tip by lifting it gently and then inspect the nasal vestibule. We’ll use a nasal speculum to examine the mucosa, nasal septum, nose floor, and turbinates.

Finally, use a nasoendoscope to examine the back part of the nose and the space behind it.

Glue ear, after draining the ear drum

Glue ear, intact ear drum

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